Miss McNitt's Fourth Grade Class




Frequently Used Classroom Links
Spelling City
slider math Glogster

Math Show Me

Brain Pop

Harcourt Math

Baseball Game

Math Manipulatives

Multiplication Games

Kids Numbers

Slider Math

Telling Time Game

Bouncy A site

Time for Kids


Paper Airplanes

more planes

Bully Sites

Magnetic Poetry

Giggle poetry

Inkless Tales

rounding game skip counting game The Big Universe
Winn Dixie Scrapbook Clock Game  
Native American Links
Delaware Valley Eastern Woodland Indians Lenape Nation
Eastern Woodlands Native American Indian Tools
Native Americans in Olden Times Native Americans Native American Facts for Kids
Stone Tools Tools and Weapons Native American Chart

Space Links

Kid's Astronomy The Planets for Kids The Nine Planets
Solar System Astronomy for Kids Science Kids
Planet symbols Kids and Space Universe Today
N.A.S.A. N.A.S.A. Kids Club Windows to the Universe
Nine Planets Factmonster Design a Planet

Plants Links


Links for  Railroads   Links for Roads/Turnpikes Links for Canals Links for Steamboats Links for Wagons
Railroad Musuem of PA History of the PA turnpike National Canal Musuem History of Steamboats Covered Wagons
The Railroads of PA an Overview Pennsylvania Turnpike Pennsylvania Canal Steamboat History Conestoga Wagons
Railroad Timeline A  History of PA Turnpike PA Canal Society History.com  
History of the Railroad        

Pennsylvania Links

Colonial Times Links

Mifflin County Links