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Custodial Supply Request Time Sheet - Custodian
Non Stock Item Time Sheet - Maintenance
Report Off Form Time Sheet - Substitute
Cancel Report Off Form Mileage Reimsursement
  Mileage Between Schools
Sweeper Service Request Fuel Tank Stick Log
Filter Order Form Univent Monthly Log Checkoff List
Indian Valley Elementary Room Assignments

Strodes Mills Elementary Room Assignments
East Derry Elementary Room Assignments

Lewistown Elementary Room Assignments
Lewistown Intermediate School Room Assignments
Mifflin County Middle School Room Assignments

Mifflin County Junior High School Room Assignments
Mifflin County High School Room Assignments

Monthly Filter Report
Mountainside Heating Monthly Filter Report
Emergency Generator Check
CBA Miff Co Support 2017-2022 Cafe, Maint, Cust Contract
  2017-2018 260 Day Work Calendar

MCSD 2017-2018 Employee Pay Schedule
MCSD 2017-2018 School Calendar

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