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 Speech/Language Home Page

Welcome! Our names are  Denise D. Satzler and    Karen M. Stomackin. We are speech therapists serving Highland Park Area Elementary School. Mrs. Stomackin also serves Armagh Elementary School. 

The purpose of this web site includes:

  • information on the speech and language services provided in the Mifflin County School District
  • additional resources for information on speech and language development
  • a complete listing of speech therapists with their respective schools
  • a link to Pennsylvania's Academic Standards for Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening 
  • a link to Mrs. Stomackin's Armagh Home Page

Click on the talking boy for information on speech/language services provided in the Mifflin County School District.


Click on the lips for additional resources on speech and language development.


Click on the school building for a complete list of schools in the Mifflin County School District and their respective speech therapists


Writting books - Click image to download.

Click on the book for a link to Mifflin County's standards.


Click on the Armadillo paw prints for a link to Armagh's speech web site

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Please click on the picture for a "blooming good speech and language" bulletin board   



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