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Ø  Have all needed materials with you

o   Pencil

o   Journal

o   Folder

o   Library book

o   Homework

o   In class work

Ø  Participation makes the class more enjoyable for you

Ø  Behaviors of an educational setting are expected



Ø  late homework is not accepted

Ø  partial homework is not accepted

Ø  graded by completeness and effort

Ø  complete accuracy is not expected

In a typical unit we do:


·        Examples, definitions, application, usage

Parents: Try to ask your child about the new words they are learning; encourage their use at home

Reading (Novels--fiction and non-fiction, newspapers, reader’s theatre)

o   choral and oral reading

o   cheer reading

o   reading in unison

o   paired-reading

o   direct instruction

Reading strategies and elements are emphasized such as:

o   Connecting

o   Visualization

o   Cause and Effect

o   Questioning

o   Clarifying

o   Predicting

o   Evaluating

SSR (Sustained, Silent Reading) – at least 10 minutes per day; you must always have a library book with you for my class!

Homework—typically, no more than two times per week; graded by completion not accuracy. (Email or call if a problem)



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