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Grade Current Project Next Project
Kindergarten Crayon Resist Large Paper Crayons
First Grade Pattern Zebra Lupin Paintings
Second Grade Kandinsky Circles Clay
Third Grade Sailboat paintings Gyotaku Prints
Fourth Grade Notan (IV) Tesselations (LIS) Illuminated Letters
Fifth Grade Artist Bookmarks Warhol Prints (IV) Abstract paintings (LIS)

Miss Confer’s Grading


Project Grade

This year there will be a change in the way the students are evaluated in art, music, gym/health, computer and library/media. Below you will find the new grading scale and the criteria for each letter. This new system should not be compared to A, B, C, D, E grading or previously used percentages.

         New grading System:

O = Outstanding: The student exceeds expectations by: demonstrating a thorough understanding of the skills taught performing the skills accurately when applicable without teacher assistance putting forth effort at all times

S = Satisfactory: The student meets expectations by: demonstrating a general understanding of the skills taught performing most of the skills when applicable with some teacher assistance putting forth effort most of the time


N = Needs Improvement: The student does not meet expectations when he or she: does not demonstrate an understanding of the skills taught does not perform the skills when applicable even with teacher assistance puts forth little to no effort



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