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8th Grade
Cool Math Sites    EdHelper
This site includes a wide variety of Games, Puzzles, Problems, Brain Teasers & More Fun for students of all ages and abilities   FEE Required! You may need a check to check out this site...of course a credit card would be easier. Personally I think it is worth it. Edhelper allows the user to create a wide variety of activites to reinforce math skills at many levels.

A Learning Site for Middle School Students

  National Library of Virtual Manipulative

This site is designed for students. Once again the site provides a variety of links to various math activities. Each link includes a brief description and a suggestion for how to get started.

  Don't have the time or resources to access the manipulative you need for a hands on activity? Take a look at this site. The National Library of Virtual Manipulative has virtual manipulative for math activities for all grade levels and math concepts.

Conversion Calculator


The conversion calculator includes many options for making conversions between metric to US standard measurements

  Challenge yourself with this site. Sudoku Puzzle are a great brain teaser for looking for mathematical patterns.
  Internet Field Trip  

Each field trip provides quick suggestions for using targeted Websites for teaching a specific topic. Within each area you'll find field trips in an alphabetical list of topics


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