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4/30/15: Stock Market Investing Week #1
If absent, complete "Stock Market Week #1 Make-Up Assignment"
5/1/15: Complete "Economics Current Event Assignment" and submit for grading
5/4/15: Bell Ringer -->  If price is high, demand is _______________
                         If price is low, demand is _______________
Notes:  Other Factors Influencing Demand
Complete "Factors Affecting Demand" Application Assignment.  Must use own examples.
5/5/15: Complete remaining parts of "Factors Affecting Demand" Application Assignment
Bell Ringer --> I would or would not want to start my own business because ...
Notes:  Factors Affecting Supply
Complete Supply Application Assignment
5/6/15: Complete "Demand Quizzes" - Open Note
5/7/15: News Articles:  "Will higher gas prices derail the economy?' and "Rising costs lead farmers to go ..."
Bonus Opportunity:  Read articles and make a connection to demand factors for the first article and supply factors for the 2nd article.  Must cite specific and exact evidence from the article to show the connection. 
5/8/15: Stock Market Analysis week #2
If absent, complete "Stock Market Analysis Make-Up Assignment"
5/11/15: Catch-Up Day - make sure to complete all of last weeks assignments and submit for grading.
Finished and Collected "Supply Application" Assignments
IPR's may be turned in anytime this week for Bonus.
5/12/15: Returned and reviewed assignments.
Complete "Supply and Demand Graph"
Complete "Supply and Demand Application Assignment" and submit for grading.
*Assignment:  Study for Supply and Demand Test Thursday.
5/13/15: Bell Ringer -->  If I were going to own a business, I would want it to be a (sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation) because...
Video Clip:  Types of Business Ownership
                   Take Notes:  Description, Advantages, Disadvantages
Complete Journal Assignment "Best Type of Business Ownership" - Submit for grading.
*Assignment:  Study for Supply and Demand Test tomorrow.
5/14/15: Supply and Demand Test
Finish Best Type of Business Ownership Journal Assignment and submit for grading.
5/15/15: Stock Market Investing Day
Complete "Stock Market Make-Up Assignment" if absent.
5/18/15: Make-Up Day:
Journal Assignment:  Best Type of Business Ownership
Complete Stock Market Analysis for Week #3
Supply and Demand Make-Up Tests
5/19/15: Marketing Notes
Complete "Maclay's Marketing Challenge" Assignment
5/20/15: Finalize "Maclay's Marketing Challenge" - Be ready to present tomorrow.
5/21/15: Presented "Maclay's Marketing Challenge"
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