Mrs. Moore's English Class

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Research Paper Links
These links will be helpful with the completion of your research paper.
Class Videos
Many of these videos will be assigned to watch for homework throughout the school year.
 PERIOD 1 Header/Page Number Video Subjects and Predicates
PERIOD 2 Hanging Indent Video Comma Practice
PERIOD 3 APA Guidelines Avoiding Plagiarism
PERIOD 4 APA Sample Reliable Websites
PERIOD 7 Please feel free to email me any time:
Punctuation Game Websites
Punctuation Campground Punctuation Pop Up Semi-Colon Wars Comma Confusion
Poetry Videos
Narrative Poems Haiku Poems Limerick Poems Shape/Concrete Poems Free Verse Poems
Lyric Poems Odes Acrostic Poems English Sonnet Italian Sonnet

Homework Policy

The only exceptions to this policy are journals, research paper, and any other exemption a separate policy is given for.           

Homework must be turned in the class period it is due.  If you are absent the day it is due, you must turn it in the next day you return to school.  If you do not turn your homework in on time, your homework will only be accepted ONE DAY late.  If you turn your homework in ONE DAY late, you will automatically be deducted 50% from your grade on that assignment.  I will not accept homework any later than ONE DAY after the due date!

Example (if not absent):

Monday: Due Date - turn in today for full credit.

Tuesday: One Day Late - turn in today with a 50% penalty for being late.

Wednesday: No longer accepted - will receive a grade of zero.

*** If you are absent, it is your responsibility to ask for work you may have missed. ***

Grading Scale:

A – 93% - 100%

B – 85% - 92%

C – 77% - 84%

D – 68% - 76%

E – 67% and below

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