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At the elementary level, school counseling services include:
1. Individual Counseling 
-The school counselor will meet with a student individually upon receiving a referral from a parent, teacher, student, etc.
                        *Contact the school counselor directly or complete a referral form (found under the "Parent Resources" tab above).
2. Group Counseling
    -The school counselor will meet with a small group of students to discuss a certain topic, build skills, and develop positive relationships with peers. Examples of groups might include:
                        * Social Skills Group
                        * Friendship Group
                        * F.I.S.H. Group (Families in Seperate Homes)
3. Classroom Guidance Lessons
-Classroom Guidance lessons are scheduled ahead of time or requested by the classroom teacher. Lesson topics might include:
                      * Character Traits
                      * Diversity
                      * Careers
                      * Friendship


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