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Just what does a School Counselor do?
-Talks with students individually and in small groups
-Gains understanding through observation and participation in the classroom
-Meets with students to discuss important topics such as friendship, emotions, and even careers!
-Works with teachers and families to help students achieve
-Helps all students grow as happy, healthy, and successful individuals!
Will the School Counselor repeat what I share with her?
Miss Rebling maintains confidentiality. This means that anything you share with her is kept private.
Information gathered through meetings with students and parents/guardians will be shared on a "need-to-know" basis only.
When information needs to be shared, Miss Rebling will assess who needs to know and what information
needs to be known to best support students and their families.
Where can I find the School Counselor?
You may visit her office, ask a teacher to contact her, or stop and say hello during lunch, recess, or in the hallways!
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